Le Navet Bête: Extravaganza

These four clowns are determined to tell their individual cultural stories… no matter what the cost may be. Join Romano, Keith, Hans and David Blooper on a ridiculous, madcap romp, rammed full of acrobatics, improvisation, live music, audience interaction, circus influences, downright silliness and even a flaming unicycle. Don’t be fooled – these guys really don’t like each other. How they ended up on stage together is one of life’s great mysteries. Nothing they have ever tried to achieve has come to fruition. They really are utter idiots. But remember…the clown can get away with murder…

IMG_9957 (2)

Extravaganza has toured extensively, as far away as Mexico, and has entertained many thousands of people of all ages both indoors and outdoors. It draws influences from all genres of performance but has yet to take any of them seriously.

Le Navet Bête have also been firm favourites at The Riverfront over the past couple of years, performing at Big Splash 2016 and returning with two full-length performances in 2017 and 2018.