Flossy and Boo: Ned and the Whale

The magical tail of Ned and the Whale begins a little like this…
With buckles and swash this story’s awash
with a mysterious odour of fish
Though sharp as a pin, Ned’s courage was thin
For his sister was terribly mean
She spouted great lies –
“a kingdom of spies,
will steal you and harvest your spleen!”


A fishy tale of magic and adventure, Ned and the Whale will scoop you up and sail you away on a quest to help Ned find his courage, and discover the truth behind the mysterious Kingdom of Spies…

Encounter strange lands, dodge the smelly Trotwood twins, soar the sky with the Clackerjacks and jump feet first into this magical, musical journey of a boy and his whale.

Following on from their other hugely popular family shows of ‘The Curiosity Shop’ and ‘The Legendary Adventure of Litla the Brave’, Flossy and Boo bring you another spellbinding show that allows you to leap fearlessly into the far reaches of your imagination, with their own magical and bizarre brand of storytelling.


Mae’n chwedl o swyn ac antur, a bydd Ned a’r Morfil yn eich cipio ac yn hwylio i ffwrdd gyda chi mewn ymdrech i helpu Ned i ddod o hyd i’w ddewrder, a byddwch yn darganfod y gwirionedd y tu ôl iDeyrnas ddirgel yr Ysbïwyr…

Ewch i wledydd rhyfedd, osgowch yr efeilliaid Trotwood drewllyd, esgynnwch i’r wybren gyda’r Clackerjacks, neidiwch gyda’ch dwy droed i’r daith swynol, gerddorol hon gyda bachgen a’i forfil.

Yn dilyn eu sioeau hynod boblogaidd i’r teulu, sef ‘The Curiosity Shop a ‘The Legendary Adventure of Litla the Brave’, mae Flossy a Boo yn dod â sioe gyfareddol arall i chi sy’n eich caniatáu i neidio heb ofn i bellteroedd eich dychymyg, gyda’u brand swynol a bisâr o adrodd storïau.