Citrus Arts: Shipwrecks – Receivers of the Wreck

A survivor is stranded on the shores of the near future. In a world drowning in plastic, she collects messages in bottles. Stories cannot be told in solitude.
Inspired by the historical stories of sailors, survivors, wreckers and rescuers from the coastline of Wales, “Shipwrecks – receivers of the Wreck” is staged on a lone, broken ship on a post-industrial shore where scavengers trawl through the abandoned waste that traps the last messages of those lost at sea.
This is a highly physical show with an original soundscape combining aerial circus with dance-theatre, telling a universal story of how our desire for solitude weighs against the need for collective action for the greater good.
All performances of Shipwrecks will be audio described. There is also an optional touch tour an hour before each performance.