With over fifty performances across the city centre covering everything from slapstick sketches to surreal storytelling, as well as dance, live music and hilarious walkabouts, Big Splash 2018 is going to be jam-packed with family fun. Find out about the acts announced so far below:


Joy Magnet: Roo’d

Watch giant kangaroos on amazingly crafted bouncing stilts! The Roos look effortless as they jump a metre off the ground high into the air waving their little armsm and their strides are 2 metres a bound, which makes them a phenomenal sight to see. Combining a cheeky blend of outback macho and inner city punk … Continue reading Joy Magnet: Roo’d

Le Navet Bête: Extravaganza

These four clowns are determined to tell their individual cultural stories… no matter what the cost may be. Join Romano, Keith, Hans and David Blooper on a ridiculous, madcap romp, rammed full of acrobatics, improvisation, live music, audience interaction, circus influences, downright silliness and even a flaming unicycle. Don’t be fooled – these guys really … Continue reading Le Navet Bête: Extravaganza

Molly Orange: Pub

A new circus sitcom set in a failing old-fashioned boozer, our PUB landlord and landlady have a big decision to make: go hipster or go hungry. PUB is a farcical look at how gentrification hits its communities hard, and the choice we have between clinging on to the past or chasing the zeitgeist. Featuring acrobatics, juggling, the … Continue reading Molly Orange: Pub

Fair Play: Fairly Fresh Fish Co.

Beautifully made with exquisite attention to detail, the eye-catching and superbly silly Fairly Fresh Fish Co. gives you the opportunity to see the prawns dancing and the octopus come to life whilst witnessing stirrings in the jellied eel jar and a worrying seafood smoothie. The audience won’t be able to stop themselves from joining in … Continue reading Fair Play: Fairly Fresh Fish Co.