Urban Astronaut

Highly Sprung

Location: River Walkway

1.00pm & 4.30pm

Highly Sprung

A story unfolds in two separate locations, it’s the same story told from two perspectives- the one that left and the one that was left behind.

Hope- The Earth has been abandoned, destroyed and made inhospitable, but one girl has survived and through her determination and cultivation of the land she has found a solution to the pollution crisis.

Discovery- The astronaut is a traveller sent on a mission to uncover the cause of Earth’s decline.

The Answer- The two performers meet when the astronaut finds the girl and discovers how she has cultivated new plant life.

Mae stori’n dod i’r amlwg mewn dau leoliad gwahanol, yr un stori ond o ddau bersbectif – yr un a adawodd a’r un a adawyd ar ôl.