Scenes from a Suitcase

Taking Flight Theatre Company

12.30pm (The Riverfront)

2.00pm (River Walkway)

4.00pm (The Riverfront)

Ladeeeez and gentlemen, please gazzer round and pay close attention! For one day only the world famous, world class, world renowned performers from the Ancien Théâtre du Monde des Etoiles de la Crème de la Crème de la Saucisson de Taking Flight wait for you- le audience.

The stage is set, les artistes are ready, but these faded stars await an audience to shoot them back to full splendour. Only you can awaken our artistes to find out what they hold in store for you. You hold the key.

Mae’r llwyfan yn barod, mae’r artistiaid yn barod, ond mae’r sêr hyn wedi pylu ac yn disgwyl cynulleidfa i’w tanio drachefn i’w hen ogoniant. Dim ond chi all ddeffro ein hartistiaid i weld beth