What’s On Sunday / Beth yw Ddydd Sul

Sunday 23 July / Dydd Sul 23 Gorfennaf, 11.45am-5pm

Download the full timetable here… Lawrlwythwch yr amserlen lawn yma…


Schmutter Brothers

Circadian 1pm – Location: John Frost Square, Friars Walk 3.30pm – Location: Usk Plaza, Friars Walk The Brothers are hungry and in need of some food. Using nothing but their portable kitchen and a bag of the finest ingredients, they serve up a smorgasbord of culinary chaos which no one will not be able to resist! … Continue reading Schmutter Brothers

New show, Hound of the Baskervilles for Grand Theatre of Lemmings

Hound of the Baskervilles

Grand Theatre of Lemmings Location: River Walkway 12.30pm & 3.00pm Sherlock Holmes is back on the case but instead of working out of his usual London location, he’s doing his crime solving from a very small theatre, the smallest theatre in the world in fact. Join this master solver of criminal riddles as he investigates the … Continue reading Hound of the Baskervilles

Tony, the Balloonman

Location: All Times: Saturday 11.00-7.00 (with some breaks!) Sunday 12.00-6.00 One of Newport’s most popular street entertainers, balloon man extraordinaire, Tony will be brightening up the streets with his balloon making antics. What he can make is only limited by your imagination!

Adrift by KapowDance


Kapow Dance Location: John Frost Square 11.45am & 3.00pm Adrift tells the story of two women, lost at sea aboard a precarious wooden raft. A story told through dance, theatre, circus, and music that will take you on a journey, bold and exciting, moving and sensitive. Mae Adrift yn adrodd hanes dwy wraig, ar goll ar y môr … Continue reading Adrift

The Van Dunk Bros

Bread & Butter Theatre Company Location: John Frost Square 12.30pm, 2.30pm & 4.00pm Armed with a trunk full of trunks, swimming caps, goggles, armbands and verruca cream, the boys will delight crowds with their award-winning dry-land synchronized swimming display. Gyda llond trwnc o ddillad nofio, capiau nofio, gogls, bandiau breichiau ac eli atal verruca, bydd … Continue reading The Van Dunk Bros

Artizani present Bees! an installation at The Big Splash


Artizani Location: The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre 1.00pm – 4.00pm The hives are tended by our ethereal beekeepers and kept passive by clouds of smoke, colourfully lit at night. Each hive contains a surreally imagined aspect of the secret life of bees, such as the bee cinema – did you know bees were massive fans … Continue reading Bees!

Teddi & Otto by Creature Encounter

Teddy & Otto

Creature Encounter Location: The River Walkway 11.45am, 2.30pm & 4.00pm Meet Otto the Otter and Teddy the Fox as they wheel a wooden cart through the crowd. Laden with ancient magic, props and relics from the greatest fairytales ever to be told, Otto and Teddy invite anyone who wishes to test their knowledge in a quiz … Continue reading Teddy & Otto

Urban Astronaut, Highly Sprung

Urban Astronaut

Highly Sprung Location: River Walkway 1.00pm & 4.30pm Highly Sprung A story unfolds in two separate locations, it’s the same story told from two perspectives- the one that left and the one that was left behind. Hope- The Earth has been abandoned, destroyed and made inhospitable, but one girl has survived and through her determination and … Continue reading Urban Astronaut


Mr & Mrs Clark 11.45am: The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre 2.30pm: Usk Plaza, Friars Walk 4.30pm: John Frost Square, Friars Walk After a year of incredible election results, streams of political rhetoric, and fanatical posturing Mr and Mrs Clark explore the body postures, facial expressions and hand gestures of those promising to hand back control … Continue reading Electioneering

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

Location: Various 12.00pm (Usk Plaza) 2.00pm (John Frost Square) 4.30pm (Usk Plaza) New Orleans meets 90s club classics…a rave funeral without the body. In New Orleans, funerals are celebrated in style, with noisy brass bands processing through the streets. The main section of the parade is known as First Line, but the real fun starts … Continue reading Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

Taking Flight Theatre Company

Scenes from a Suitcase

Taking Flight Theatre Company 12.30pm (The Riverfront) 2.00pm (River Walkway) 4.00pm (The Riverfront) Ladeeeez and gentlemen, please gazzer round and pay close attention! For one day only the world famous, world class, world renowned performers from the Ancien Théâtre du Monde des Etoiles de la Crème de la Crème de la Saucisson de Taking Flight … Continue reading Scenes from a Suitcase

Drumming Workshops

Upbeat Music Location: The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre (Free) JOIN IN AND MAKE SOME NOISE! Upbeat Music and Arts will be offering free drumming workshops for all ages and abilities! 12.00pm – 1pm AFRICAN DRUMMING WORKSHOP. 2.30pm- 3.30pm TAIKO (Japanese) DRUMMING WORKSHOP. Upbeat provides workshops that are accessible and inclusive. If you need any additional … Continue reading Drumming Workshops


Location: The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre (Terrace) Saturday 11am-5pm & Sunday 12pm-5pm   A mini festival for you and your mini people! All the fun of a festival and the only mud involved is in our garden mud kitchen on the Cafe Terrace! Henna, hair braiding, music, hoola hooping and lots of green fingered … Continue reading Splashtonbury

Defying Gravity

11.30am: John Frost Square, Friars Walk 2.30pm: River Walkway Dancing, cheer-leading and gymnastics with Defying Gravity, come and watch them twist, flick and fly!    

Tots Fun!

The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre is the main festival hub and will have lots on offer for you and all the family, to get creative and join in, including drumming workshops, tots fun and arts & crafts.   Under 5’s Zone – Tots Fun! Keeping little ones happy with lots of activities and Tots … Continue reading Tots Fun!

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