If I Could I Would


Location: Usk Plaza, Friars Walk

12.00pm & 2.30pm

An all-female cast play an array of familiar characters in a day where the coffee is spilled, the commute is a trial, street-life is a threat and office politics get under the skin. From every woman to superwoman, If I could, I would delivers a heart-warming message for everyone about resilience in the face of the everyday grind. If you could, what would you change?

O’r wraig gyffredin i’r wraig anhygoel, mae If I could, I would yn cynnig neges gref i bawb am wydnwch yn wyneb heriau beunyddiol. Pe gallech chi, beth newidiech chi?

The audience say:

‘You’ve inspired my little girl, she started running around and jumping into my arms!’

‘Very impressed! Loved the mix of acrobatics, kung fu, contemporary dance, capoiera. Silvia is hilarious.’

Supported by Arts Council England