Cirque du Kaka

Egg People

Location: Westgate Square

11.30am, 1.15pm, 5.00pm

Roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth!* the oldest, grandest, bestest, most circus-y Circus to ever tour the world is coming to you – don’t miss the show of a lifetime!

This riotously funny clown show explores friendship, resilience and what can happen when we hit rock bottom. Combining slapstick, audience interaction and three lovable mis-fits, Cirque Du Kaka is a high energy, fun and heart warming show with vibrant design and an original score.

Mae’r sioe glowniau hwyliog hon yn archwilio cyfeillgarwch, gwydnwch a’r hyn all ddigwydd pan fyddwn yn cyrraedd y gwaelod. Gan gyfuno slapstig, rhyngweithio â’r gynulleidfa a thri chymeriad brith hoffus, mae Cirque Du Kaka yn sioe egnïol, hwyliog i gynhesu’r galon.

*Cirque Du Kaka make no guarantees on quality of performances though can almost certainly promise the show will take place on earth.