What’s On Saturday / Beth yw ddydd Sadwrn

Saturday 22 July / Sadwrn 22 Gorfennaf, 11am – 5pm

Download the full timetable here…     Lawrlwythwch yr amserlen lawn yma…


Crafted Workshops

12.30pm Puppet Making Workshop 1.30pm Storytelling and Badge Making 4pm Puppet Making Workshop Drop into the Crafted shop in the Kingsway Shopping Centre and join in and make a puppet or a badge or listen to our stories!

Bombay Baja Band

Location: Various 11.30am (The Riverfront) 1.30pm & 4.30pm (River Walkway)   Bombay Baja Brass Band was established in 1998 and is based on the concept of traditional brass bands from the Indian sub-continent called Band Baja’s. Band Baja’s have become part of the Indian culture and play an essential role at any high profile event, … Continue reading Bombay Baja Band

The Memory Keeper

Puppet Soup 11.30am & 3pm Kingsway Shopping Centre Using puppets and masks made from recycled materials, this is a touching story of one child’s determination to save the environment that is being destroyed around her and one man’s realisation of what he has become.  Gan ddefnyddio pypedau, set a masgiau a wnaed o ddeunyddiau wedi … Continue reading The Memory Keeper

Bridge Angels

Dino Raveretti 1pm-4.30pm Pedestrian Footbridge   You are all invited to join in and dance on the bridge in a silent disco. Step out, away, above the flow of water, pause and dance! Gwahoddir chi oll i ymuno i ddawnsio ar y bont mewn disgo distaw. Camwch y ffordd hyn, uwchlaw llif y dŵr, oedwch … Continue reading Bridge Angels

Defying Gravity

11.30am: John Frost Square, Friars Walk 2.30pm: River Walkway Dancing, cheer-leading and gymnastics with Defying Gravity, come and watch them twist, flick and fly! Dawnsio, codi hwyl a gymnasteg gyda Defying Gravity, dewch i’w gwylio nhw’n troelli, fflicio a hedfan!    

Taking Flight Theatre Company

Scenes from a Suitcase

Taking Flight Theatre Company Location: John Frost Square 11.00am, 3.00pm & 4.30pm Ladeeeez and gentlemen, please gazzer round and pay close attention! For one day only the world famous, world class, world renowned performers from the Ancien Théâtre du Monde des Etoiles de la Crème de la Crème de la Saucisson de Taking Flight wait … Continue reading Scenes from a Suitcase

Mimbre present If I Could I Would, showing at The Big Splash 2017

If I Could I Would

Mimbre Location: Usk Plaza, Friars Walk 12.00pm & 2.30pm An all-female cast play an array of familiar characters in a day where the coffee is spilled, the commute is a trial, street-life is a threat and office politics get under the skin. From every woman to superwoman, If I could, I would delivers a heart-warming message … Continue reading If I Could I Would

Artizani present Bees! an installation at The Big Splash


Artizani Location: The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre 1.00pm – 4.00pm The hives are tended by our ethereal beekeepers and kept passive by clouds of smoke, colourfully lit at night. Each hive contains a surreally imagined aspect of the secret life of bees, such as the bee cinema – did you know bees were massive fans … Continue reading Bees!

Cirque du Kaka

Egg People Location: Westgate Square 11.30am, 1.15pm, 5.00pm Roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth!* the oldest, grandest, bestest, most circus-y Circus to ever tour the world is coming to you – don’t miss the show of a lifetime! This riotously funny clown show explores friendship, resilience and what can happen when we … Continue reading Cirque du Kaka

Mr & Mr Burn, Ramshacklicious

Mr & Mr Burn

Ramshacklicious Location: John Frost Square, Friars Walk 1.30pm & 3.30pm Meet Mr. & Mr. Burn, an explosive, chaotic, offbeat Vegas double act with a touch of disaster about them. Music, clowning, puppetry, fire and pyrotechnics combine to create a world of surprises, where anything can and will go wrong! Dewch i gwrdd â Mr a Mrs Burn, act … Continue reading Mr & Mr Burn

Car Crash Wedding

Gary & Pel Location: Austin Friars, Commercial Street 11.15am & 4.15pm Gary & Pel have just said “I do” and are driving off into the sunset… It’s the happiest day of their lives until their celebration takes a turn for the worse as their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. What will the bizarre … Continue reading Car Crash Wedding


Kitsch n Sync Location: John Frost Square, Friars Walk 1pm, 2.30pm & 4.00pm Behold the bedraggled beauties, swept up on the shore, serenading shipwrecked sailors with their sublime, sultry sounds….. “Hang on a minute now luv, you talkin’ about us or sumfink??” These mermaids are not like the ones you’ve heard about in fairy tales! … Continue reading Bedraggled

The Loneliness Street Cabaret

Beautiful Mess Location: River Walkway 11.45am & 3.00pm Sending up and stripping down the layers we build between us, witness the surprising and beguiling confrontation of a bonkers bag lady and a struggling business man, fusing live music, physical comedy and puppetry. Put your phone away, your tablet back in your bag, connect to the here and … Continue reading The Loneliness Street Cabaret


Tin Shed Theatre Company Location: Various City Centre, Walkabout 11am-2.00pm & 3pm-5pm Deep inside the forests that surround Newport lives a curious beast that some people call, The Yeti. Townsfolk say it’s over 10ft tall, with great big horns and huge long arms, all covered in fur, and if you look for it, you won’t be … Continue reading Yeti!

The Man on the Moon

George Orange Location: Commercial Street 12.30pm,  2.30pm & 4.30pm George Orange is a circus performer, eccentric clown and slack-rope dancer from Chicago. He has come via the Moon, and brought a bit of it with him. George is truly one of a kind. Take a trip with him down the rabbit hole of his show, an … Continue reading The Man on the Moon

Drumming Workshops

Upbeat Music Location: The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre (Free) Join in and make some noise! Upbeat Music and Arts will be offering free drumming workshops for all ages and abilities! 11.30am – 12.30pm SAMBA DRUMMING WORKSHOP. You can also join in a short parade around the festival site at the end of the workshop, if … Continue reading Drumming Workshops

Tony, the Balloonman

Location: All Times: Saturday 11.00-7.00 (with some breaks!) Sunday 12.00-6.00 One of Newport’s most popular street entertainers, balloon man extraordinaire, Tony will be brightening up the streets with his balloon making antics. What he can make is only limited by your imagination!

Tots Fun!

The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre is the main festival hub and will have lots on offer for you and all the family, to get creative and join in, including drumming workshops, tots fun and arts & crafts.   Under 5’s Zone – Tots Fun! Keeping little ones happy with lots of activities and Tots … Continue reading Tots Fun!


The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre is the main festival hub and will have lots on offer for you and all the family, to get creative and join in, including drumming workshops, tots fun and arts & crafts. Splashtonbury Location: The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre (Cafe Terrace) Saturday 11am-5pm & Sunday 12pm-5pm A mini … Continue reading Splashtonbury

4 thoughts on “What’s On Saturday / Beth yw ddydd Sadwrn

  1. Kate burrows says:

    This all looks brilliant but why have you stopped the acrobats and the firework display in the evening? That was always the highlight of the festival.


    • dewigruff says:

      Hiya Kate. As festival organisers we decided last year to focus on the daytime activity and programmed in 2016 2 full days of family based activity through the core hours up until 5.30/6pm then . It worked well as it encouraged visitors to stay throughout the duration as opposed to having drops in shows late afternoon. The festival has been running for a few years now and we are always looking at ways of adapting it. Thanks for your comments though and for supporting the festival.


    • dewigruff says:

      Hiya Victoria- all the workshops are free- for the drumming workshops please go to the Riverfront Box Office and get a ticket on the day. The other activities are drop in. Box Office and staff can assist with any queries you may have..hope that helps!


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