Road Closure on 22nd July

As the festival will be taking place on Commercial Street, a temporary road closure is on place on Saturday 22nd July at the following locations and times:

Under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847- Section 21,  between the hours of 09.00 and 18.30 Commercial Street, Charles Street (from the bollards leading down onto Commercial Street) and Corn Street will be closed to traffic.

Thank you for your support and we hope that you enjoy the event!



British Sign Language Performances

British Sign Language Performances at The Big Splash

Open, accessible and fun for all the family, The Big Splash is all set to be a wonderful weekend of street theatre and will be offering seven British Sign Language interpreted performances across the weekend;

Saturday 22 July / Sadwrn 22 Gorffennaf

  • 11am Car Crash Wedding by Gary and Pel in Commercial Street on the junction with Austin Friars.
  • 3.30pm Ramshacklicious’ performance of Mr & Mr Burn at John Frost Square.
  • 4pm Kitsch n Sync’s Bedraggled at John Frost Square.

Sunday 17 July/ Sul 17 Gorffennaf

  • 11.45am Mr & Mrs Clark’s show Electioneering at The Riverfront
  • 1pm Circadian’s Schmutter Bros performance at the Usk Plaza.
  • 3pm Hound of the Baskervilles show at The Riverfront
  • 4.30pm The Balloon Man’s Magic Show at The Riverfront

The brochure and timetable is also available in large print and audio versions, please just ask at Box Office for your own copy.

Perfformiadau Iaith Arwyddion Prydain yn y Sblash Fawr

Agored, hygyrch a hwyl i’r teulu cyfan, mae disgwyl i’r Sblash Fawr fod yn benwythnos bendigedig o theatr stryd, a bydd yn cynnwys saith perfformiad yn Iaith Arwyddion Prydain drwy gydol y penwythnos;

Dydd Sadwrn 22 Gorffennaf

  • 11am perfformiad Car Crash Wedding gan Gary a Pel ar Commercial Street, ger y gyffordd ag Austin Friars.
  • 3.30pm Perfformiad Ramshacklicious o Mr & Mr Burn yn Sgwâr John Frost.
  • 4pm Perfformiad Kitsch n Sync o Bedraggled yn Sgwâr John Frost.

Dydd Sul 17 Gorffennaf

  • 11.45am Sioe Mr a Mrs Clark Electioneering at The Riverfront
  • 1pm perfformiad Circadian Schmutter Bros yn Plasa Brynbuga.
  • 3pm sioe Hound of the Baskervilles yng Nglan yr Afon
  • 4.30pm Sioe Hud a Lledrith The Balloon Man yng Nglan yr Afon

Mae’r pamffled a’r amserlen yma hefyd ar gael mewn fersiynau print mawr a chlywedol, gofynnwch yn y swyddfa docynnau am eich copi eich hun.



kapow pic.jpgSo pleased to have West Midlands based dance company 2Faced Dance at The Big Splash. Their high energy performances on the streets have won them massive plaudits and this season’s show Kapow! won’t disappoint.

The male dancers combine power with humour, theatrics with visuals that is hugely appealing to kids and adults alike.

Check them out in the Friars Walk Zones on Saturday and Sunday.