A Shopping Trip Like No Other…

Over the weekend of Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July Newport’s The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre will transform your city centre shopping destinations! Kingsway Centre will be the place to be for fun, laughter and free street entertainment thanks to their continued support and sponsorship of Big Splash as several pop-up and roving performances appear across the Centre over the weekend.

On Saturday, Newport favourites Mr & Mrs Clark will be taking residence in an empty shop unit with their painting and art extravaganza Inviting the Neighbours Around to Paint which was hugely popular at Big Splash 2018. Join them and take part in a spot of creative doodling or profound painting. The blank walls are a sounding board for ideas, shapes, colour, discussion, and most importantly- expression. Inviting The Neighbours Around To Paint is an open invitation to everyone to be creative, so put down your shopping bags and make a mark to create an ever-growing piece of unique artwork.

Other acts dropping into Kingsway on Saturday to take your mind off your shopping list will be the Egg People with their Waggle Dance and Joy Magnet’s B-Boys. You might not expect to bump into a swarm of bees while going about your Saturday business, but that’s exactly what happens in Waggle Dance! Don’t worry, they are very friendly; Queen Beeatrix, The Beezey Rider, BayBee, Granny Bee, Scout Bee and Lord Bumbleton the third are just trying to adapt to life outside the hive. The B-Boys will appear to bring out the funk in you as you shop, complete with giant boombox sound system and massive high tops. If you are lucky you may even be let in on their secret handshake…

On Sunday 21, Kingsway will be invaded by a pair of ‘Krilliant pugilistic crustaceans’, Egg People’s the Boxing Crabs! They’ve got the eye of the tiger but are in a bit of a pinch… They’ve stretched their ‘mussels’ but their ‘crabby’ attitude might see one of them getting battered. Join the ‘shrimply crabtivating’ Boxing Crabs as they train for the biggest fight of their lives, being friends with your biggest rival. Also popping up at Kingsway Centre will be Joy Magnet’s Strong Men! These sporting stars with attitude on powerskip stilts will be bouncing around and reaching impressive heights 1m off the ground. Put down those shopping bags and test your endurance against the circus Strongmen.

‘The team at Kingsway Centre are excited for the return of the ever-popular Big Splash festival this year and we are delighted to be sponsors, hosting some amazing performances and acts over the two days. As a free family event the festival always draws a great crowd and our tenants can’t wait to welcome visitors and performers alike.’ Kingsway Centre’s Operations Manager, Colin Rees.

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