Trampolines, telling stories and more…

This week’s Big Splash line-up announcement features acts to thrill, enthrall and terrify the young and young-at-heart alike.

Be thrilled by Max Calaf Seve – a trampolining superstar who will push the boundaries of circus theatre and will leave your spirits soaring in his performance, ‘Anyday’ – and Able Mable – a whip-wielding, magic-creating showgirl with a flair for the dramatic and ridiculous.

Be enthralled by storytelling with a difference inside Talking Birds’ The Whale – where there are plenty of surprises for intrepid sailors – and Kapow Dance’s Grow – a playful and touching celebration of the power of nature.

Lastly, be terrified by Dizzy O’Dare’s Baba Yaga’s House – a unique and bizarre walkabout act inspired by centuries-old Slavic fairytales.

Watch this space for your downloadable programme and map coming very soon!



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